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Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript

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Outline of Proceedings - Volume 1

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Examination of Jurors - Selections

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Witness Testimony

Go to: Volume I, Witnesses for the State, July 16-21, 1886
Go to: Volume J, Witnesses for the State, July 22-24, 1886
Go to: Volume K, Witnesses for the State, July 26-31, 1886
Go to: Volume L, Witnesses for the Defense, July 31-August 4, 1886
Go to: Volume M, Witnesses for the Defense, August 5-7, 1886
Go to: Volume N, Witnesses for the Defense and the State, August 9-11, 1886
Go to: Volume O, Post-testimony discourse, affidavits and documents

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Proceedings at the Illinois Supreme Court

  • Statements of John Stephens, Clerk of the Criminal Court of Cook County and Julius Grinnell, State's Attorney, pages 153-154
  • Assignment of Errors: W. P. Black and Salomon & Zeisler, attorneys for plaintiffs in error, pages 155-159
  • Illinois Supreme Court: grant of a writ of error, pages 160-164
  • Illinois Supreme Court: outline of proceedings, pages 165-171
  • Illinois Supreme Court: writ of error decision, 220 pages (358K)

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