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[Black, William Perkins, portrait photograph in case]. [Parsons, Albert R., portrait photograph]. [McCormick Reaper Works].
[McCormick, Cyrus Hall, portrait photograph]. [Randolph Street Market]. [Horn Brothers Furniture Company workers].
Samuel Fielden: murder. Michael Schwab: murder. August Spies: murder.
[Fischer, Aldoph, portrait photograph]. George Engel: sentenced to death. Michael Schwab: sentenced to death.
August Spies: sentenced to death. Louis Lingg: sentenced to death. A. R. Parsons: sentenced to death.
Oscar Neebe: sentenced to pen[i]t[entia]ry 15 years. Samuel Fielden: sentenced to death. [Cook County Criminal Court Building and jail].
[Harrison, Carter H., portrait photograph]. [Gary, Joseph E., portrait photograph]. [Matson, Canute R., portrait photograph].
[Black, William Perkins, portrait photograph]. [Grinnell, Julius S., portrait photograph]. [Oglesby, R. J., portrait photograph].
[Swett, Leonard, portrait photograph]. [Van Zant, Nina, portrait photograph]. [Spies, August Vincent Theodore, portrait photograph]
The personnel of the great anarchist trial at Chicago: the first dynamite bomb thrown in America May 4th 1886. [August Spies; Samuel Fielden; Oscar Neebe; George Engel; Adolph Fischer; Louis Lingg; Michael Schwab; A. R. Parsons]. Scene of the Chicago bomb throwing and vicinity: together with portraits of persons convicted of complicity therewith, May 4th 1886.
Riot at McCormick's reaper works: Chicago, May 3, 1886. Meeting at the Haymarket Square, before the explosion of the bomb: Chicago, May 4, 1886. Explosion of the bomb at Haymarket Square: Chicago, May 4, 1886.
Battle after the explosion of bomb at Haymarket Square: Chicago, May 4, 1886. Desplaines Street police station after riot at Haymarket Square: Chicago, May 4, 1886. Surrender of Parsons: Chicago, June 21, 1886.
Principals in the Haymarket Riot: Chicago, 1886. First Division who charged the mob at the Haymarket riot May 4, 1886: City of Chicago, Department of Police, 4th Precinct. Imprisoned anarchists: Fielden; Schwab; Neebe.
[Altgeld, John P., portrait photograph]. The Friend of mad dogs: Governor Altgeld of Illinois in freeing the anarchists bitterly denounced Judge Gary and the jury that convicted them. Map showing the boulevards and park system and twelve miles of lake frontage of the city of Chicago.

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