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Advice to so-called American Socialists. Beginning of the rioting. The Anarchist leaders.
[Portraits of Seth F. Hanchett, etc.] The Fatal explosion of the bomb. The Haymarket massacre.
The Haymarket massacre. Too heavy a load for the trade unions. The Anarchist riot in Chicago.
That's so. Justice hurling a bomb. Liberty or death.
An Illustrated fable. The Red flag or the anarchists of Chicago. Liberty is not anarchy.
Inspector John Bonfield and the police patrol. Murderers' row, in Cook County Jail. Affecting interview between Parsons and his little daughter.
"Portraits of the condemned Chicago anarchists. The Shadow of death. The Doom of anarchy.
The Law vindicated. The Law vindicated. August Spies, the Chicago anarchist, as he appeared in his cell.
Horrible suicide of Lingg, the anarchist. R. J. Oglesby, governor of Illinois. The Haymarket Riot with portraits of the anarchists and others.
The March to the grave. The Chicago Anarchists. The Funeral of the anarchists at Chicago, Sunday, November 13th.

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