Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Parade banner of Veterans of the Haymarket Riot.
[ca. 1895]
Chicago (Ill.). Police Dept. Veterans of the Haymarket Riot.
1 banner: velvet, taffeta, col.; 59 1/4 x 44 1/2 in.

A statue of a policeman with his right arm extended upward is painted in the center. Gold lettering reads: "Veterans of the Haymarket Riot/May 4th 1886". The center image is a likeness of the monument erected in Haymarket Square that was dedicated to the memory of the officers killed in the Haymarket Riot. Banner was carried in a parade by police veterans of the Haymarket Riot.

Gift of Capt. Frank P. Tyrell (CHS 1933.229).

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Banner of the Veterans of the Haymarket Riot