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Listen to and read along with Great Chicago Stories! All twelve stories are available in streaming audio format and MP3 format you can download to any digital audio player. Simply click on the link of your choice below.


Streaming Audio MP3s
A Bronzeville Story Streaming Audio A Bronzeville Story MP3
A Tough Call Streaming Audio A Tough Call MP3
Trading Mystery Streaming Audio Trading Mystery MP3
The Best of the Fair Streaming Audio The Best of the Fair MP3
Joseph's Railroad Dreams Streaming Audio Joseph's Railroad Dreams MP3
Hot Dog! Streaming Audio Hot Dog! MP3

High School

Streaming Audio MP3s
Halfway to Freedom Streaming Audio Halfway to Freedom MP3
Where the Neighborhood Ends Streaming Audio Where the Neighborhood Ends MP3
His Father's Namesake Streaming Audio His Father's Namesake MP3
Angelo's Saturdays Streaming Audio Angelo's Saturdays MP3
It's a Long way from Home Streaming Audio It's a Long way from Home MP3
Peace Streaming Audio Peace MP3


MP3 Download Help

To download Great Chicago Stories in MP3 format, follow these easy steps:

  1. Right click on the MP3 link above and choose “Save Linked File.”
  2. Depending on your browser, the file will automatically be downloaded to your default Downloads folder or you will be prompted to choose a location to save the file.
  3. If not done automatically, drag the MP3 files into your audio library.
  4. Transfer the MP3 file to your portable audio player using your player’s normal synching procedures.

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