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The Flash animation doesn't work.
Please make sure that you have Flash Player 8.0 or higher on your computer. You can do that easily and for free here.

What to do when PDF files do not open correctly or when your browser displays a blank white screen after trying to open the PDF file...
If the Adobe Acrobat viewer doesn't display PDF files inside your Web browser as expected, try the latest version of the Acrobat viewer. Some PDFs use security features that may not run in older versions.

If you feel you have the current version on your computer and you are still having problems, you can:

  • try to disable "view in browser" feature;
  • try to download PDF to hard drive;
  • check your security options (If you use Internet Explorer 5.x, make sure that its security options recognize the Acrobat Control);
  • make sure you are looking at the correct window;
  • or try viewing another PDF from a different web server.

MP3 Download help
To download Great Chicago Stories in MP3 format, follow these easy steps:

  1. Right click on the MP3 link for the story of your choice and choose "Save Linked File."
  2. Depending on your browser, the file will automatically be downloaded to your default Downloads folder or you will be prompted to choose a location to save the file.
  3. If not done automatically, drag the MP3 files into your audio library.
  4. Transfer the MP3 file to your portable audio player using your player’s normal synching procedures.

Subscribing to the Great Chicago Stories Podcast

All twelve Great Chicago Stories are available through iTunes as a series of Podcast episodes.

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Still having problems?
Please e-mail us the problem you have encountered. We ask that you describe your problem in detail. Please include your operating system (such as WindowsXP or Mac OS X) and browser (Internet Explorer 7 or Netscape 6). Any other information is also helpful, such as the version of Flash or Acrobat you are using. Thank you!